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Ian Orlikoff, owner, ISA certified arborist and FDEP GI-BMP Instructor was a speaker at the Green Industries Best Management Practices Program held at Rookery Bay on February 5,2015.

Walter Morales, operations manager at Signature Tree Care and FDEP GI-BMP Instructor, was a speaker at the Green Industries Best Management Practices Program at Rookery Bay on February 17, 2015. 

This educational program workshop is designed to provide training in BMP's for anyone working in the lawn, landscape, pest control, or municipal grounds areas. The Best Management Practices are focused on reducing non-point source pollution resulting from fertilization or pesticide application. Some cities and counties require this certification before you can bid on jobs or have commercial customers, such as the City of Naples.

Friday, 13 February 2015 00:00

Tree Removal,Naples,FL.

Tree removal close to house in January,2015 in Naples,FL.

The Conservancy of SW Florida had an owl that needed to be re nested. Giordany Rives, tree climber at Signature Tree Care re nested the owl safely in his new nest on Sunday February 1, 2015.

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We all congratulate Joanna Fitzgerald, Director, vonArx Wildlife Hospital, at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. Last night her staff surprised her with a party to celebrate 20 years of service with over 100 people in attendance.

Working with Joanna and her staff to re nest birds over the years is a highlight for us all here at Signature Tree Care. Thank you Joanna for all your very hard work and dedication to our local wild life!



Tuesday, 09 December 2014 21:17

Picking the freshest Christmas tree

Picking the Freshest Christmas Tree with tips from Ian Orlikoff, ISA Certified Arborist & owner, Signature Tree Care, tree service, Naples,FL.

Monday, 13 October 2014 16:36

Tree removal, Naples,Florida

  Large Royal palm removal utilizing our mobile lift. This equipment is instrumental in completing safe tree work above 12 feet while not affecting landscape plantings underneath trees.

Ian Orlikoff, owner and lead arborist of Signature Tree Care in Naples, Florida, returns 55 baby Brazilian free-tailed bats to their nest tree after the frond they were nesting in fell to the ground during a storm.

A woman called from a business in Naples Park to report that a large group of baby bats were clinging to a palm frond that had fallen during a heavy thunder storm the previous night. Hospital staff instructed the woman not to handle any of the babies and to keep the area clear from pedestrians while we collected the equipment needed to rescue the baby bats.

Two staff members from Conservancy Of Southwest Florida von Arx Wildlife Hospital were dispatched to retrieve the bats. Each bat was examined as they were picked up and placed in secure transport containers. Two bats had died in the fall; another two were severely injured and euthanized when we returned to the hospital. The remaining 55 bats were re-nested later that evening with help from Ian Orlikoff, owner of Signature Tree Care, LLC. 6/12/14

Conservancy of SW Florida called on Signature Tree Care, LLC  for a hawk re-nesting on April 23, 2014 in the River Reach community in Naples, Florida. Baby was well fed and cared for at the Conservancy of SW Florida von Arx Wildlife Hospital and ready to get back home to his family.

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