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Conservancy of SW Florida called on Ian Orlikoff, owner and lead arborist at Signature Tree Care, LLC in Naples, Fl. for a baby hawk re-nesting on March 21, 2014. Baby was healthy and ready to get back home!

Ian Orlikoff, owner and ISA Certified Arborist, gave the presentation 'Proper Tree Pruning' at the Marco Island Beautification Advisory Committee Community Forum on Feb.11,2014. Our presentation starts at 2:36 into the program.

Saturday, 04 January 2014 16:15

Squirrel Rescue

As quoted from the blog of Conservancy of Southwest Florida: Baby squirrels rescued and rehydrated

A fall from the nest:  One grey squirrel fell from its nest just before dark. The baby had been vocalizing from the nest prior to falling. Once admitted, it was obvious the squirrel was orphaned; he was thin, dehydrated and ravenous.

The homeowner who rescued the squirrel saw another baby, but the nest was too high in the tree for her to retrieve it. The following day, hospital staff called the owner of Signature Tree Care and Eco Logic Land Care to see if they could help.

Typically, Signature Tree Care helps with re-nesting projects; this was the first time we needed to rescue orphaned babies stranded in the nest. When Walter Morales, operations manager at Signature Tree Care arrived, the second baby had fallen to the ground but he still climbed the large oak tree to make sure no other babies were in the nest.

Staff at von Arx rehydrated the squirrels with electrolytes before offering them formula. After several days, they were receiving full-strength milk replacement formula and now they are thriving. Pictures: Conservancy of Southwest Florida



Thursday, 19 December 2013 07:18

Picking the Freshest Christmas Tree

Picking the Freshest Christmas Tree with tips from Ian Orlikoff, ISA Certified Arborist & owner, Signature Tree Care & Eco Logic Land Care, tree service, Naples,FL.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013 19:00

Tree Service, Naples,Fl. climbing just for fun

Ian Orlikoff, Walter Morales and Giordany Rives climbing a beautiful Cypress tree in Naples,Fl. on a sunny Sunday 2/17/13.

Ian Orlikoff of Signature Tree Care & Eco Logic Land Care is a  Best Management Practices (BMP) instructor for Collier County.

Monday, 14 January 2013 19:00

Proper Pruning of Trees in Naples,FL

Ian Orlikoff, Signature Tree Care & Eco Logic Land Care assisting Dr. Ed Gilman, University of Florida, on Nov. 13 2012 at Naples Botanical Garden for instructional class on Proper Pruning.

Ian Orlikoff, owner of Signature Tree Care & Eco Logic Land Care was a guest instructor on Nov.2nd at the University of Florida Lee County IFAS Extension.

Join Ian Orlikoff, Signature Tree Care, at Naples Botanical Garden on Nov. 13th from 2:00-5:00 p.m. He will be assisting guest speaker Dr. Ed Gilman, UF/IFAS. Storm Safe Tree Pruning: Roots and Sidewalks plus other tree research updates.

Ian Orlikoff, owner of Signature Tree Care & Eco Logic Land Care will be a guest instructor this Friday, Nov.2nd at the University of Florida Lee County  IFAS Extension

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