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Great people and great trees. John, glad to have you as part of the brotherhood; Mom for the confidence in these professional arborists and for the love of the adventure! RoninLift and all involved, you rock!

 RoninLift  November 20, 2018 : See the full mini documentary here:

Meet John Janowicz a young man with an optimistic, kind and passionate character. John lives with Lesch-Nyhan syndrome a condition confining him to a wheel chair with restricted use of his limbs. A condition that appears to limit the opportunity to climb a tree. But thanks to a timely meeting with young arborist DJ Neustaeter and John’s motivation, belief and perseverance, an opportunity was born.

With the full support of the Janowicz family, an experienced team of arborists redefined the tree climbing experience and facilitated John’s Climb 100 foot into a Douglas Fir at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. We are humbled by John and his family and are proud to have supported him in this experience. From the spark which initiated the vision to the culmination of success, John’s Climb transformed the lives of everyone involved.

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An owl re nesting was done for the Conservancy of Southwest Florida in Bear's Paw Country Club on Monday 1/14/19. Great horned owl very happy to be back with sibling and mama bird. Mama owl got some food right away for her returned baby; so amazing to watch them

Climber Dylan and Ops. Mgr. Walter did a great job along with the Conservancy team. Always great to work with such dedicated people. 

Update: Conservancy of Southwest Florida Blog Post 1/18/19:

A young great horned owl was able to be renested this week thanks to Ian Orlikoff, owner of Signature Tree Care and the expertise of two of his crew members, Dylan Jacques and ISA Certified Arborist, Walter Morales. Under the close watch of both parent owls, Dylan and Walter worked together to return the owlet to his nest on the golf course at Bears Paw Country Club.

Dylan climbed the extremely large pine tree using ropes while Walter maneuvered the owlet up the tree via a pulley system. The men even added extra branches to the nest to give the owlets secure perch options. Also visit the Conservancy’s FaceBook page to see the amazing photos of the renesting process and ours below.




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