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Wednesday, 20 September 2017 20:00

Naples Tree Service Review

Naples Tree Service Review

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Review Posted 09/17/2017 – by Wes Bloemker
Ian had the right crew, the right equipment and the knowledge to complete the work. They were very professional, got to work and finished the job. They cleaned up all the saw dust and the fronds, and hauled the mess away. I really appreciate the fact Ian did not try to jack up his prices and was truly helpful. As busy as he was, I also appreciated the fact that he was willing to squeeze the work in - it was a Sunday afternoon too. Awesome job!

Description of work:
After hurricane Irma, we had two large Bismarck palm trees that were leaning badly. The damage to them was too great to try to stand them back up. These palms were very large for Bismarcks - about 35 feet tall. One was leaning over the driveway. If it fell it would damage the drive and the corner of the garage. The other was by the corner of the garage and leaning toward the electrical transformer. But if it fell, it would take out the electrical transformer and we would cause another electrical outage in the neighborhood. Ian and his crew were in the nearby neighborhood, just finishing up a job. I stopped and talked to him about coming to our house to give us an estimate. Without a hesitation, he immediately came to our house, gave us a reasonable estimate, and began the work.

Overall: A
Price: A
Quality: A
Responsiveness: A
Punctuality: A
Professionalism: A
Category: Tree Service
Services Performed: Yes
Work Completed Date: 09/17/2017
Hire Again: Yes


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When Hurricane Irma hits South Florida/ Naples, for fastest tree services, please email several good pictures of your requested or damaged trees to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text pictures to 239-289-4081. That is the fastest way to provide you with a proposal. Please note our existing clients are first priority (one of our benefits), then all new clients.

When reporting your trees to us, please clarify what stage your situation is:

Stage 1: blocking any road or entrance for emergency vehicles  

Stage 2:  emergency situation / immediate danger to targets (ie. broken large tree hanging over a walkway or road)

Stage 3:  already down and just need clearing off of property or if they are on a roof but can wait to be removed or tree may be righted/stood up again.

Post Hurricane Recovery Tips:

  • Trees often get pruned that inevitably need to be removed due to structural problems resulting in extra costs; these are issues that would have been recognized during a proper hazard tree evaluation by a qualified certified arborist.
  • Trees are often pruned improperly after a hurricane by unskilled/uneducated workers creating more harm to the tree than the hurricane itself caused. Know who you are hiring. Ask questions, get insurance certificates. (Workers comp code 0106 for tree work above 12 feet). 
  • At times it is much more cost effective to first clear right of ways and remove hazards; at a later date reconstructive pruning and stable tree removals can be completed.
  • Do not be persuaded into removing trees immediately. Several companies, particularly after a hurricane, are in the tree removal business and since trees can appear ominous, tree cutters often use this fear to their advantage. Many tree removal contractors may not be aware of the many arboriculture applications that can save your trees.
  • Trees that are resting on a roof are not necessarily a hazard. They may remain stable until you are able to secure a fairly priced contract from a reputable and insured tree company.
  • Any tree in any situation can be removed safely without further damage to structures. When a sales representative or a foreman starts making a list of the things that are going to get damaged during removal operations, it is due to a lack of knowledge or care.
  • Do not pay for work that is not completed.

Benefits of Our Disaster Remediation Plan

  • Gives you the management tools you need to guide your property towards recovery in the most economical and timely manner
  • Offers you a step by step guide to perform your contracting at the pace that you, your budget & the plan deems necessary
  • Takes the guess work out of the equation; limiting unnecessary spending or unnecessary removal of otherwise healthy, remediable stable trees
  • Provides you with a baseline or a professional second opinion when dealing with several different contractors on a recovery project.

Please check our other services as there are many arboricultural applications we can apply that may often aid trees towards a recovery.



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