As a Naples tree service we are stewards of the local urban tree canopy. We are happy to volunteer with the Conservancy of Southwest Florida.

In this instance, a concerned homeowner in Bonita Springs contacted the Conservancy when a baby red shouldered hawk fell to the ground from a palm in their front yard. After a night being attended to by the caring staff at the von Arx Wildlife hospital we were contacted then by Tim Thompson, another dedicated Conservancy volunteer, to help reunite the baby that had fallen.

We also attached a temporary makeshift nest so that both babies had a place to finish out their development.

Mike, our production manager, used our back yard mobile lift to gain access to perform the nest installation and reunion. Great job to all involved.

Hawk Renesting Completed: April 18, 2018 Bonita Springs, Florida

View Baby Red Shouldered Hawk Re-Nesting