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Root Remediation

A majority of tree health issues occur below ground. Over sixty percent of living, functioning tree tissue is located below the surface ("out of sight, out of mind"). Most often, symptoms of a declining tree are directly related to what is taking place below ground. Only treating symptoms related to tree health is a reactive measure and often associated with increased maintenance costs as the tree matures. Root remediation assists in preventing or alleviating those problems.

Soil compaction is a common problem in south west Florida. It inhibits healthy root development which would ensure a stable and healthy tree. Soil compaction leads to shallow root growth resulting in increased root and infrastructure related conflicts. Creating an environment conducive to root growth allows roots to grow deeper into the soil profile as they would in a more natural growing environment.

Radial trenching is a treatment performed to trees growing in compacted / poor soils. Soil is carefully excavated using a specialized compressed air tool and replaced with a quality mixture of soil and organic compost creating a healthy environment for improved root growth. Root growth will be greater in the treated area than in surrounding soil. This can give your tree the added boost it needs to overcome the many stresses placed on it from the urban environment.

Excavations and inspections identify / create access to correct: girdling roots (strangulating roots), poor root structure, harmful grade of soil placed on top of a root system, absence of roots, root deterioration or disease. Also, root related conflicts such as interference with sidewalks, foundations, utilities, and improperly planted trees (Figure 2,4) can be identified. All of these conditions are stressful to trees by limiting proper root growth which ultimately affects health, safety, maintenance costs and potentially causes tree mortality / failure. Soil excavation with our specialized air tool can alleviate or remedy the stress and aid your tree in transitioning into recovery.

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