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Lightning Protection

You can help protect your valuable trees with a properly installed lightning protection system by Signature Tree Care.

A lightning protection system is one way to protect trees that have significant value. A system consists of copper conductor wires that run from the top of the tree (and sometimes major lateral limbs) into your soil. The grounding cable then gets installed from the tree trunk out to beyond the drip line. Cables are attached to copper coated ground rods which are driven 10 feet into the soil. Signature Tree Care follows the standards for lightning protection installation developed by the Lightning Protection Institute along with ANSI.

  • Tree protection material is not conspicuous when installed and renders the tree safe from damage by lightning. 
  • The specially designed conductors, attachments and methods of grounding do not interfere with tree growth. 
  • Copper alloy materials do not injure trees. Different ground systems are available to meet local conditions. 
  • Homeowner should contract with the certified arborist to inspect the lightning system as the tree grows.

 In sandy, rocky, or very dry soils, an extensive ground system may be necessary. 



 Underground sprinkler systems, water pipes and other metal objects are very good grounds. 


 Large trees with trunks measuring 3 feet or more in diameter should have 2 ground cables extending beyond spread of branches and connecting to proper ground system. 


Ground cable should be buried to a sufficient depth to avoid displacement or damage.


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