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Root Barrier Systems

Throughout Collier and Lee Counties cracked driveways, buckled sidewalks, damaged house foundations, damaged utilities and lanais are the result of conflict between urban structures and tree roots.

As trees mature in our Collier and Lee County communities, urban landscape management will face increasing challenges. Diligence on the part of the community association boards and property managers will determine the sustainability and cost effectiveness in the management of the urban landscape and its surrounding structures. Including a qualified ISA certified arborist in the group effort of development and remediation of communities would be a significant benefit. 

A root barrier is a mechanical barrier that redirects root growth away from existing structures (ie. pavers, buildings) eliminating the surface rooting that damages expensive structures which then creates safety hazards. A root barrier is one of several options and may not always be the single most effective solution. In some cases, it is one component of an effective solution.

  • Assess tree system as a whole. 
  • Variables must be taken into consideration such as: size and health of root system, canopy health, balance, weight, structure, species, and growth characteristics. 
  • Site expectations / goals along with possible targets must all be considered when implementing a root barrier system.
  • Structures, utilities, types of traffic, volume, frequency, and need of access are also taken into consideration when installing root barriers.
  • Understanding existing cultural practices on the site, such as past and future maintenance practices (i.e. irrigation, pruning, etc.). 
  • Surrounding environment, such as tree density (amount of trees in a given space) and buildings are only some of the factors considered when managing trees and roots in relation to urban structures.

Important Note: Root conflict situations should always be carefully evaluated by a skilled certified arborist to determine the soundness of root pruning.

The cutting of supporting roots to relieve upward pressure on concrete/structures often destabilizes a tree creating a hazard. There are many factors to consider before root pruning a tree. Some of the variables include the target / liability, stability, future maintenance costs, root size, percentage of root loss, distance to trunk, soil conditions, and many more. Please consult Signature Tree Care for your root remediation concerns / needs.

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