Chris Boland – 3 Days Ago

This is just an exceptional local company. We are extremely happy with every aspect of thier service. We would highly recommend chosing this local company over ” big” companies.


Dan Mobley – 1 Month Ago

After Hurricane Irma, I had several fifty foot tall pines that were dead or dying from the damaged received in the storm. All of them were threatening the safety of our home. After talking with several companies, I chose Signature Tree Care because their representative, Walter, demonstrated superior knowledge over the reps from other companies and clearly explained what was necessary to remedy the situation and safeguard our home.

Walter’s crew was extremely professional. Everyone knew their job and did it flawlessly. The trees were dropped with absolute precision. Within two hours, six fifty foot trees were gone, and the stumps ground so there was no indication that a tree had ever stood in their place.

What really impressed me, though, was the “selective pruning” Walter did with his forestry mulching machine. I told Walter that I wanted my woods cleaned up, but I did not want my lot “cleared”. I wanted a natural landscape, free of the invasive plants, vines, and fallen trees that choked the woods, and prevented the full enjoyment of our property.

Walter was an artist with his forestry mulching machine. Within an hour, he had mulched all the invasive Brazilian Pepper, Caesar Weed, vines, and fallen trees into the ground. Now, instead of a tangle of invasive plants and vines, I have a beautiful wide open area with a vista all the way to the rear of my property. Walter also gave me three smaller, more private “hidden gardens” to enjoy. I can now take walks on my property and enjoy the indigenous palms, cypress, pines, and ferns without worrying about what might jump out from a thicket of weeds or bushes.

I want to thank Walter and his crew for doing an exceptional job that exceed my expectations. I would highly recommend Walter and Signature Tree Care for anyone requiring tree care and forestry mulching services.

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