We’re ready to trim / prune your trees before the season’s weather may affect your landscape. But if severe weather causes damage affecting your trees and palms we’re here to help you.

Please email pictures of your damaged tree/s to:  info@signaturetreecare.com. This is the fastest way to provide you with a detailed proposal. Please note our existing clients are first priority (one of our benefits), then all new clients work orders will be completed.

When reporting your trees to us, please clarify what priority your tree may be:

Priority 1: blocking any road or entrance for emergency vehicles

Priority 2:  emergency situation / immediate danger – targets (ie. large hanger limbs that can fall on people, broken large tree hanging over a walkway or road)

Priority 3:  already down and just need clearing off of property or if they are on a roof but can wait to be removed.  Perhaps trees that need bracing, depends on situation.

NOTE: Any job involving power lines, we do not take care of, unless an FPL inspector is on site and tests the lines in our presence/ shuts down the lines.