Naples Tree Service Signature Tree Care Helps Audubon Eagle Watch To Remove Casting Net From Eagles Nest In Marco Island

Audubon EagleWatch on Marco Island contacted Signature Tree Care on 9/16/20 and requested our help to remove plastic casting net in one of the eagle’s nests. Rosemary Tolliver, volunteer for the Audobon EagleWatch, was directed to Joanna Fitzgerald at the von Arx Wildlife Hospital of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida who in turn provided the name of Ian Orlikoff, owner & lead ISA Certified Arborist of Signature Tree Care in Naples, Florida.

She contacted us for when studying the eagle nest, she noticed a cast netting entangled within the nest site. After consulting with the Audobon Society, permissions were required from federal and state authorities to remove the netting.

On September 18,2020 the Signature Tree Care team consisting of Ivan, Shelton, Ryan & Ian Orlikoff, lead ISA Certified Arborist arrived on site. Utilizing the Ronin Lift ascender, Ian accessed the nest safely to remove the netting.  As evening drew, both eagles were back in the nest. Remember to enjoy yourselves on the water when out fishing but properly dispose of your netting and fishing lines. See & Read More:

Below are: Article in Coastal Breeze News; Youtube video & pictures below by Frank Steiger Photography.

Naples tree service now has 3 ISA Certified Arborists in Naples, Florida

Congratulations to Justin at Signature Tree Care on becoming an ISA certified arborist! (International Society of Arboriculture).

We now have 3 ISA certified arborists in Naples to better serve our clients. Justin’s area of specialty is organic fertilizing & plant health care.

Justin has been with Signature Tree Care in Naples since March 2017. Well done 👍 and thank you for your dedication and hard work.

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Proper Palm trimming in Naples, Florida using rigging techniques

Working smarter & not harder using appropriate arboriculture industry rigging techniques to prune palms & protect under-story landscaping in downtown Naples Florida July 2020.

It is preferable to prune only the dead palm fronds, leaving the green ones to carry on photosynthesis. Over pruning reduces the vigor of palms as well as increasing the risk for diseases and pests. Over pruned palms have a lower survival rate after a high wind event as the bud has less protection from the wind due to the decreased amount of fronds. The natural wind throw effect is challenged as well causing a wind sail effect.

For your protection as a homeowner, remember that pruning any tree over 12 feet tall requires a company to have tree workers’ compensation code 0106 carried on all workers and have a commercial liability insurance policy specifically for tree work. These insurance policies guard the homeowner from any liability issues regarding injuries/deaths or property damages on site.

Mature Tree Pruning in Naples,Florida- Naples Arborist advice

Naples tree service owner & lead ISA Certified Arborist Ian Orlikoff shares the following:

Mature trees need a knowledgeable and experienced arborist that recognizes specific needs as they differ from younger trees.

Tree pruning should only be completed with an understanding of how the tree will respond to each pruning cut.

Making large cuts on an older tree could prove to be damaging as they have less ability to compartmentalize and seal exposed wood which can lead to rot.

No branch should be removed without a reason.

Also, a more conservative approach should be taken when removing volumes of foliage. Mature trees cannot handle improper pruning as they will become easily stressed.

Less Liability

Remember that improper tree trimming/pruning is detrimental in that it can create a hazard/liability on your property.

Improper pruning causes damage that will remain with the tree for its entire life or even shorten a tree’s lifespan.

Improper pruning is a significant health stress for any tree.

Health & Aesthetics

Proper tree pruning can maintain good health & structure while enhancing the aesthetic and economic value of your trees.

Available Year Round

In Southwest Florida most routine tree pruning to remove weak, diseased, or dead limbs with the proper percentage of foliage removed (with respect to species) can be accomplished at any time during the year with little effect on the tree.

Naples tree service Signature Tree Care assists Conservancy of Southwest Florida to re nest an osprey at Bear’s Paw Country Club

Newsletter 6-19-2020 from Mr. Doug Brown, General Manager/COO at Bear’s Paw Country Club:

The precariously built osprey nest on the left of number 17 fairway was overwhelmed by the massive amount of rain we received in the storm this past Saturday and most of it came tumbling down. There was a juvenile osprey that fell with the nest. Thankfully, Marcie Watts noticed the juvenile on the ground and contacted me to help. I came out with my son Trevor and we safely captured the osprey and took it to the Conservancy’s hospital.

The veterinarian gave the bird a clean bill of health and thanks to Signature Tree Care re-nested the juvenile into a temporary crate for a nest this past Monday. The juvenile has since taken flight and is learning to hunt for fish with mom and dad. The osprey still sits on what is left of the old nest. Later this summer Brian Beckner will be constructing a platform in that tree so there is a stable location for them to build next year’s nest.

Arborist from Signature Tree Care in Naples, Florida gives homeowners sage advice to prepare for hurricane season in latest Redfin (real estate) news

Identify the specific needs of your treescape

Homeowners can create and maintain their ideal home treescape for summer by having a non-biased ISA Certified Arborist consultation and not with a salesman, to walk with you to identify your trees’ needs.

Remember that improper pruning trains your trees to fail.

Homeowners may visit the International Society of Arboriculture’s website for more information.

Lastly, structural supports can be installed to strengthen weak points within a tree. – Signature Tree Care

Organic Lawn Fertilizing in Naples, Florida

Many Southwest Floridians live in master-planned communities, where lawns and landscapes are managed by homeowners’ associations that hire lawn service companies. Because few individuals in these situations have a need to understand the local ecosystem or how to maintain a healthy lawn in a subtropical climate, they are at a disadvantage when working with landscape committees or asked to serve on them.

Sustainable lawn care today requires a savvier homeowner, as well as a more discerning service provider. Our future health and that of our environment are impacted by how we take care of our local surroundings. Let change begin with your lawn.

Get Educated

Take a valuable one-day Best Management Practices class for homeowners at Rookery Bay. Learning about the landscape and its relationship with the environment helps homeowners make informed choices about their landscapes and their care.

Work with a Landscape Committee

Consumer demand plays a role in how safer landscapes are created. Work with your homeowners’ landscape committee, to take steps to lessen chemical and fertilizer inputs. Question the landscaping company about your maintenance plan and what they can utilize instead of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Request a Soil Test

Use a soil test to determine if you are paying for fertilizer that your lawn doesn’t need. Too much fertilizer can cause an increase in disease pressure and additional remediation costs.

Learn About Irrigation and Fertilization

Know the proper irrigation coverage, rates and appropriate fertilization practices for your type of lawn. Collier and Lee counties have a no-fertilizer blackout period from June 1 to September 30.

North Naples property on quarterly organic fertilizing program by Signature Tree Care

Organic fertilizing in Naples,Florida by Signature Tree Care

Use Drip Irrigation

Convert sprinkler irrigation over to drip irrigation in landscape beds near lawns, to reduce water use and fungus pressure.

Practice Smart Mowing

To decrease bug and disease pressures, mow at the proper height and don’t overwater your lawn. Taller grass has deeper, stronger roots. A short mowing height stresses out grass, and over-fertilization causes it to grow faster than grass clippings can break down.

This results in a layer of thatch and creates hiding places for detrimental insects. Thatch blocks water traveling to the roots, requiring increased irrigation. In turn, damp conditions create disease or fungus pressure, which requires spraying with a fungicide that eliminates all fungus, including the beneficial fungi that protect grass. The cycle continues if unchecked

Create a Rain Garden

Install a rain garden in a low, saturated part of your landscape. This will utilize the excess runoff instead of forcing grass to survive in unfavorable conditions with repeated chemical and fertilizer applications.

Use Native Plants

Whenever possible, plant a favorable percentage of native plants along lawn borders, to attract bees, hummingbirds and other beneficial insects. This increases pollination, and thus vegetable and fruit production, while using fewer harmful chemicals.

Add Compost

With the addition of quality compost, which is home to a multitude of beneficial microorganisms that promote natural plant development, fertilizers can be reduced because compost helps retain nutrients and water in the soil.

This blog is from a previous article on organic lawn care by Ian & Stephanie Orlikoff in Natural Awakenings publication- Naples edition, August 1, 2011