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Rated by the insurance industry, tree work competes with the fishing industry for the number one spot as the most dangerous job. Any company performing work over 12 feet high is required by the state to carry workers’ compensation insurance code 0106 and must cover any and all personnel on the property during tree care and removal operations. The proper tree work insurance protects the homeowner from assuming any liability in the event of an injury or death. An up to date commercial liability insurance policy that specifically covers tree care and removal operations is also a requirement by the county to cover any property damage. These insurance requirements are in place to protect you, the homeowner, and the employees of the tree company performing this specialized work.

We are pleased to provide you with an insurance certificate upon request.

A free estimate is just that, a free quote on work to be performed as requested. An Arborist Consultation involves a site visit with a qualified professional working with a legitimate regime. At Signature Tree Care we utilize a whole systems approach for diagnosing problems, researching possible solutions, providing specialized feedback and options for care, not just an arbitrary guess. A consultation is a verbal tree / landscape health assessment performed by a landscape contractor with qualifications, knowledge, and an unbiased opinion. If a written report is desired, it can be provided separately. The helpful information gained from a proficient arborist consult will help you to save future landscaping maintenance costs, increase your landscape’s performance and better educate you on your landscape’s needs and requirements.


The owner and lead ISA certified arborist, Ian Orlikoff, is an expertly skilled and hands arborist who trains & works with the crews daily. Attention to detail is on what we have built our reputation. All crew members receive personal instruction alongside and in the trees with Ian. The duties of running a local business call him to many areas so he or the second arborist, Walter, may be present at set up, while work is being carried out, performing work depending on the sensitivity and hazard potential of the work, or at the post work inspection. A highly qualified ISA certified arborist will always be involved in your tree and landscape care at Signature Tree Care.

Why hire a qualified ISA certified arborist?

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The frequency of a pruning program can be determined by many factors: amount of irrigation use, fertilizer programs, species, past pruning, site conditions, age of plant material and your objectives. Consequences of not pruning or improperly pruning your trees could consist of increased risk of failure during a wind event due to defects such as co-dominant stems, included bark and dead branches as well as structural encroachment. There are several main pruning objectives to meet including but not limited to: improvement of structure, reducing overall size, influencing flower or fruit production, improving a view, promoting screen development for privacy and improving aesthetics. Proper pruning by Signature Tree Care on an agreed upon schedule with you can help ensure the longevity of your landscape investment.


There are several differences. A conventional program treats grass, plants, palms and trees the same from one yard to another using a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Soil qualities can vary greatly and our organic program is customized to fit the needs of your specific plants and soil. Materials used are organically sourced, eliminating synthetics, salts and petroleum based products that damage your soil. Biology plays a major role in our organic program and therefore much less fertilizer is used and will continue to decrease over time.

We do perform certain landscaping services in Naples, Bonita Springs, Marco Island and Fort Myers, FL. Organic fertilizing, compost top dressing, tree planting and transplanting, tree lightning protection systems, tree protection zones for construction areas, and root remediation services and more are available to you. Please visit our sustainable landscaping services page.

Plant Health Care includes monitoring, proactive treatments, and a relationship between the arborist/plant health care technician and the property owner/manager. The goal of PHC is to maintain or advance the landscape’s appearance, vigor, and in the case of trees, safety, using the most cost-effective and ecologically sensitive practices and treatments available. While trees are leading ornamental features in your landscape, they share the area with grasses, bushes, and other plants. The care of each plant in a landscape can affect the health of every plant in that landscape.

As with people, when plants are strong and healthy, their natural immune system can resist most stress related problems. Plants have a need for appropriate placement, proper planting, water management, nutrition, proper lighting and healthy soils populated with beneficial microbes. If these needs are not met, plants become weak and cannot defend against stressful situations such as drought, pest and disease infestations. Most of all insect and disease problems encountered can be attributed to a discrepancy in one or more of their basic growing needs. At Signature Tree Care we complete the appropriate health care services to work proactively in your landscape thus preventing plant stress. Rather than treating symptoms which would only increase your future maintenance costs, we focus on proactive care and promoting plant health care.

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