Naples Tree Service Signature Tree Care Helps Audubon Eagle Watch To Remove Casting Net From Eagles Nest In Marco Island

Audubon EagleWatch on Marco Island contacted Signature Tree Care on 9/16/20 and requested our help to remove plastic casting net in one of the eagle’s nests. Rosemary Tolliver, volunteer for the Audobon EagleWatch, was directed to Joanna Fitzgerald at the von Arx Wildlife Hospital of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida who in turn provided the name of Ian Orlikoff, owner & lead ISA Certified Arborist of Signature Tree Care in Naples, Florida.

She contacted us for when studying the eagle nest, she noticed a cast netting entangled within the nest site. After consulting with the Audobon Society, permissions were required from federal and state authorities to remove the netting.

On September 18,2020 the Signature Tree Care team consisting of Ivan, Shelton, Ryan & Ian Orlikoff, lead ISA Certified Arborist arrived on site. Utilizing the Ronin Lift ascender, Ian accessed the nest safely to remove the netting.  As evening drew, both eagles were back in the nest. Remember to enjoy yourselves on the water when out fishing but properly dispose of your netting and fishing lines. See & Read More:

Below are: Article in Coastal Breeze News; Youtube video & pictures below by Frank Steiger Photography.

Naples tree service Signature Tree Care assists Conservancy of Southwest Florida to re nest an osprey at Bear’s Paw Country Club

Newsletter 6-19-2020 from Mr. Doug Brown, General Manager/COO at Bear’s Paw Country Club:

The precariously built osprey nest on the left of number 17 fairway was overwhelmed by the massive amount of rain we received in the storm this past Saturday and most of it came tumbling down. There was a juvenile osprey that fell with the nest. Thankfully, Marcie Watts noticed the juvenile on the ground and contacted me to help. I came out with my son Trevor and we safely captured the osprey and took it to the Conservancy’s hospital.

The veterinarian gave the bird a clean bill of health and thanks to Signature Tree Care re-nested the juvenile into a temporary crate for a nest this past Monday. The juvenile has since taken flight and is learning to hunt for fish with mom and dad. The osprey still sits on what is left of the old nest. Later this summer Brian Beckner will be constructing a platform in that tree so there is a stable location for them to build next year’s nest.

Naples tree service Signature Tree Care assists Conservancy of Southwest Florida with red-shouldered hawk

From Conservancy of Southwest Florida: Great story to wrap up the week! This week, a young red-shouldered hawk was reunited with its parents thanks to Ian Orlikoff, owner of Signature Tree Care, who donated his time and services to renest the “downed” nestling.

Homeowners in Bonita saw the young hawk outside their lanai window. The hawk was brought to the von Arx Wildlife hospital, monitored for any signs of injury, and cleared for renesting when no injuries were noted. Wildlife Hospital Volunteer Susan Ferretti met Ian at the property in Bonita. The crew from Signature Tree Care was prepared, even when the renesting was delayed after a red light runner hit their vehicle!

Once on site, the crew attached the nest basket to the nest tree and set the young hawk in the basket. The team saw an adult hawk nearby as they left the area. Signature Tree Care, LLC #freedomfriday

Naples tree service Signature Tree Care assists Conservancy of Southwest Florida 4 2020

Naples, FL Tree Service Re-nests Baby Great Horned Owl for Conservancy of Southwest Florida | Signature Tree Care

Naples,Fl. tree service re nests baby Great horned owl for Conservancy of Southwest Florida

An owl re nesting was done for the Conservancy of Southwest Florida in Bear’s Paw Country Club on Monday 1/14/19. Great horned owl very happy to be back with sibling and mama bird. Mama owl got some food right away for her returned baby; so amazing to watch them

Climber Dylan and Ops. Mgr. Walter did a great job along with the Conservancy team. Always great to work with such dedicated people.


Conservancy of Southwest Florida Blog Post
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A young great horned owl was able to be renested this week thanks to Ian Orlikoff, owner of Signature Tree Care and the expertise of two of his crew members, Dylan Jacques and ISA Certified Arborist, Walter Morales. Under the close watch of both parent owls, Dylan and Walter worked together to return the owlet to his nest on the golf course at Bears Paw Country Club.

Dylan climbed the extremely large pine tree using ropes while Walter maneuvered the owlet up the tree via a pulley system. The men even added extra branches to the nest to give the owlets secure perch options. Also visit the Conservancy’s FaceBook page to see the amazing photos of the renesting process and ours below.

View Great Horned Owl Re-Nesting Photos

Naples, FL Tree Services Volunteers Post Hurricane Michael in Marianna, FL | Signature Tree Care

Naples.Florida tree services volunteers post Hurricane Michael in Marianna, Florida

Reflecting on 2018:

Most remembered around the Christmas dinner table was the volunteer work in Marianna, Florida (surrounding area near Panama City) post Hurricane Michael where we were honored to be of help to some great people. This really left an imprint; an experience none of us will forget and for us all to keep them and that part of the country in our thoughts.

A thank you to the crew that insisted to volunteer their hours of skill as well what an awesome group to work next to.

The crew at home allowed me to continue the journey to Heartland animal rescue and then to work with Samaritan’s Purse. It all could not have been done without the support at home of the crew & office staff, a huge thank you for making those sacrifices and making this such a great part of the Signature Tree Care history.

Earth Day Celebration at Conservancy of SWFL | Signature Tree Care

Naples Arborists will be at Conservancy of Southwest Florida Earth Day Celebration

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Naples ISA Certified Arborist and operations manager Walter from Signature Tree Care at Conservancy of Southwest Florida Earth Day celebration Saturday 4/21/18. Please visit our booth to have your tree questions answered.

Naples Tree Service Assists Conservancy of SWFL Re-nesting a Baby Red Shouldered Hawk | Signature Tree Care

Naples tree service assists Conservancy of SW Florida renesting a baby red shouldered hawk

As a Naples tree service we are stewards of the local urban tree canopy. We are happy to volunteer with the Conservancy of Southwest Florida.

In this instance, a concerned homeowner in Bonita Springs contacted the Conservancy when a baby red shouldered hawk fell to the ground from a palm in their front yard. After a night being attended to by the caring staff at the von Arx Wildlife hospital we were contacted then by Tim Thompson, another dedicated Conservancy volunteer, to help reunite the baby that had fallen.

We also attached a temporary makeshift nest so that both babies had a place to finish out their development.

Mike, our production manager, used our back yard mobile lift to gain access to perform the nest installation and reunion. Great job to all involved.

Hawk Renesting Completed: April 18, 2018 Bonita Springs, Florida

View Baby Red Shouldered Hawk Re-Nesting

Naples Arborist Ian Orlikoff of Signature Tree Care a Vendor today at 2018 Environmental Service Business Expo in Fort Myers

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Signature Tree Care invite you this year to the 2nd Annual Expo on April 11th in Ft. Myers, Florida.

The goal of the expo is to highlight environmental products, services and equipment that contributes to:
· Protecting Florida’s natural resources and promote economic growth
· Improving the quality of natural resources through long-term planning, restoration, and maintenance
· Enhancing human quality of life with environmental services

The Expo includes training opportunities. Meet environmental services and businesses that can help you meet your environmental needs.

Joseph P. D’Alessandro Building
Room 165
2295 Victoria Avenue, Ft. Myers, FL 33902

Who Should Attend: 
Environmental consultants, public utilities, park systems, natural resource managers, engineering firms, contractors, manufacturers, waste management, and other municipal departments.

Naples Tree Service Assists with Re-nesting of Baby Eagle for Conservancy of SWFL | Signature Tree Care in Naples, FL

Naples tree service assists with re nesting of baby eagle for Conservancy of SW Florida

Signature Tree Care climber Mike re nested a baby eagle on 2/8/2018 for the Conservancy of Southwest Florida on Starfish Avenue, Naples, Florida using our mobile lift and then climbing the rest of the way to the nest. Walter, operations manager on ground assisting in re nesting. Daddy eagle found a couple of days later close by, this photo by Tim Thompson, another Conservancy of SW Florida volunteer. Baby eagle is doing well!

View Eagle Re-Nesting Photos