Newsletter 6-19-2020 from Mr. Doug Brown, General Manager/COO at Bear’s Paw Country Club:

The precariously built osprey nest on the left of number 17 fairway was overwhelmed by the massive amount of rain we received in the storm this past Saturday and most of it came tumbling down. There was a juvenile osprey that fell with the nest. Thankfully, Marcie Watts noticed the juvenile on the ground and contacted me to help. I came out with my son Trevor and we safely captured the osprey and took it to the Conservancy’s hospital.

The veterinarian gave the bird a clean bill of health and thanks to Signature Tree Care re-nested the juvenile into a temporary crate for a nest this past Monday. The juvenile has since taken flight and is learning to hunt for fish with mom and dad. The osprey still sits on what is left of the old nest. Later this summer Brian Beckner will be constructing a platform in that tree so there is a stable location for them to build next year’s nest.