From Conservancy of Southwest Florida: Great story to wrap up the week! This week, a young red-shouldered hawk was reunited with its parents thanks to Ian Orlikoff, owner of Signature Tree Care, who donated his time and services to renest the “downed” nestling.

Homeowners in Bonita saw the young hawk outside their lanai window. The hawk was brought to the von Arx Wildlife hospital, monitored for any signs of injury, and cleared for renesting when no injuries were noted. Wildlife Hospital Volunteer Susan Ferretti met Ian at the property in Bonita. The crew from Signature Tree Care was prepared, even when the renesting was delayed after a red light runner hit their vehicle!

Once on site, the crew attached the nest basket to the nest tree and set the young hawk in the basket. The team saw an adult hawk nearby as they left the area. Signature Tree Care, LLC #freedomfriday

Naples tree service Signature Tree Care assists Conservancy of Southwest Florida 4 2020