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Compost Applications

Compost can be applied efficiently and neatly with our specialized equipment throughout your existing landscape beds and lawn. Remember healthy soil = healthy plants.

  • Improves tilth, condition, and structure of soil
  • Improves ability of soil to hold water, thus reducing irrigation needs
  • Helps vegetables survive several forms of stress
  • Improves ability of soil to hold nutrients, therefore, reducing pollution
  • Improves "buffering" capacity of soil; that is, keeps soil from "over-reacting"
  • Supports the soil's microbiological activity (or the life of the soil)
  • Contributes plant available nutrients, both minor and major
  • Releases nutrients slowly
  • Acids arising from the decomposition of the organic matter help to convert insoluble natural additives such as ground rock (ex. phosphorous) into plant-usable forms
  • Promotes recycling of horticulture debris and nutrients

Available for delivery to you are several types of organic materials such as stabilized compost, fresh wood chips, decomposed chips, planting mixes, top soil, rock or sand of any volume to fit your needs. Small deliveries to sensitive areas can be delivered in a ventilated bulk sac or hundreds of yards of materials can be staged for spreading within a project. Ground mats are available to prevent any possible damage to your lawn or driveway when off loading materials. It is recommended that a cleared site of ten by twenty feet be marked for offloading bulk quantities greater than two yards.

  • Based on the type and amount of your bio-waste along with the goals you may have, we can design, build, implement and then manage a compost system suitable for your backyard or commercial needs.
  • The composting process, done properly, recycles materials thus reducing unnecessary landfill.
  • Create a resource that can be used to reduce or eliminate fertilizers for your lawn, landscape, vegetable garden or farm.
  • You will be saving money through the reduction of disposal fees, fertilizer products, irrigation and all the costs associated with plant health.
  • Taking a step towards becoming more sustainable will place you or your company ahead as present recommendations will likely become future requirements.

There are several different types and methods of composting. Management of a small backyard bin, composting livestock by-product or maintaining large volumes of horticultural debris can turn wastes into a valuable resource. Depending on your desired end product and its usage, we can manage the development of high quality compost. The finished product can be used for various types of applications such as soil amending or top dressing lawns. Several monitoring and testing methods can be employed to measure the progression and ensure that the material is properly composted, stabilized and free of pathogens while containing high levels of biological activity and plant available nutrients. Proper management of compost is an important step in any sustainable program and provides many benefits (as seen above).

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