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Live Edge Wood & Furniture

Live Edge Wooden Furniture manufactured by Signature Tree Care in Naples, Florida

Live edge furniture available in Naples, Florida by your local tree service. Live edge tables, benches, counters, desks, chairs, stools, bed headboards, and more are offered to you.

After tree removals, the wood is reclaimed and recycled using our own sawmills in Naples, Fl. We are happy that the tree can have another life that would otherwise be disposed of or turned into mulch. Your furniture is uniquely built using local Naples urban trees.

Each piece of reclaimed wood is chosen prior to removal of a tree so that the unique portion of the tree’s structure can be preserved that is to be milled. This process ensures that the best natural form and character can be accentuated. We believe the natural form is the most beautiful; we only expose what nature has already created.

Each slab shows the tree’s history and as arborists we can translate its unique story to the new owner. Your piece will come with a picture before it was harvested, the species and age along with any history we obtain from the landowner. Aside from its beauty there is a special sense of connection to the tree and you can honor it with years of appreciation.

You won’t find eco-friendly furniture like this anywhere else. Each piece of wood is unique. No two pieces will be exactly alike and will be a statement piece for your office or home. It is furniture for you to enjoy now and to be passed on to your family members for generations to come.

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For your projects we also have available:

  • Unique wood formations for plantings or furniture bases
  • Select pieces of wood with figure, grain, color, movement and character
  • Wood turning pieces of all sizes

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