Organic Lawn & Landscape Fertilizer Programs

We have been part of the Naples community for over 17 years and are aware of the impact our coastal ecosystems have suffered. We have been offering organic and ecologically minded organic fertilizer and soil care programs since our beginning in 2002. From an environmental standpoint, we offer you an effective option to traditional chemical fertilizing programs.

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Organic fertilizing services are the safe, effective option to conventional chemical treatments and fertilizers. Note that conventional fertilizers release most of their nutrients quickly, so they can wash away before being fully absorbed.


  • Greatly reduces the amount of fertilizer needed, thus decreasing maintenance costs.
  • Experience less runoff and leaching due to nutrient cycling.
  • Our customized fertilization process feeds the plants over a longer period.
  • Thicker leaves, stronger stalks, improved flowering.
  • Less prone to insects and disease, thus decreasing maintenance treatments for problems.

Organic Tree Care & Organic Lawn Fertilizing Services are available in Naples for all plant materials

  • Trees & Palms
  • Lawn
  • Landscape Beds & Plants
  • Vegetable & Herb Gardens
  • Potted Plants and Indoor Plants


Organic tree care, organic lawn fertilizing, and landscape fertilizing programs are available to you as well as soil care. Ultimately the health of the soil is directly related to how roots function and plants perform. When nutrients are presented to poorly functioning roots, the plant cannot synthesize them, often resulting in the improper practice of over fertilizing causing excessive runoff and increased insect pressure.

There are more factors of course and we provide many years of experience and knowledge with Southwest FL soil and plant responses.


Your organic fertilizing program first starts with a property evaluation and a soil test.


Based on your soil testing results a tailored fertilizer program is outlined to meet your expectations and budget.


Your fertilizing program then proceeds utilizing soil amendments and conditioners to increase the soil biology.


Each visit will work to balance deficiencies with respective supplements while providing food for the biology.


Most of our urban soils in Florida contain low biological activity. Soils were excavated for development from a quarry with little available organic matter. Homes were built, poor landscape planning ensued which was followed by improper installation of poor nursery stock. Soon after, chemical fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, miticides and fungicides further worsening the soil’s biological functions. Plants growing in soil with high biological activity are healthier requiring fewer, if any chemicals.

Soil is alive, and it is the balance and health of the mini-ecosystem within our soil that feeds and maintains the health of all plants. It is this balance within our soil that helps sustain our estuaries and surrounding waters. In turn, the health of our plant life, our water and our air may determine our own health. We are quickly moving toward a future where the use of fertilizers, water, chemicals and certain plant material will be limited. The positive alternative is maintaining healthy soil biology with organic fertilizing services.


  • Improves tilth, condition, and structure of soil
  • Improves ability of soil to hold water, thus reducing irrigation needs
  • Helps vegetables survive several forms of stress
  • Improves ability of soil to hold nutrients, therefore, reducing pollution
  • Improves “buffering” capacity of soil; that is, keeps soil from “over-reacting”
  • Supports the soil’s microbiological activity (or the life of the soil)
  • Contributes plant available nutrients, both minor and major
  • Releases nutrients slowly
  • Acids arising from the decomposition of the organic matter help to convert insoluble natural additives such as ground rock (ex. phosphorous) into plant-usable forms
  • Promotes recycling of horticulture debris and nutrients

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The proactive care offered focuses on proper industry standard techniques and cultural practices providing customers with a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing landscape.

Signature Tree Care’s skillful ISA certified arborists can accomplish wonderful things for your trees. We are the only Naples, Florida tree service with TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association) National Accreditation.