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Our natural, organic plant care services are the safe, effective alternative to chemical treatments / fertilizers.

Our sustainable landscaping services are available for all of your plant materials:

  • lawn
  • landscape
  • trees & palms
  • vegetable & herb gardens
  • potted plants, indoor plants & small farms.

Most of our urban soils in Florida contain low biological activity. Soils were excavated for development from a quarry with little available organic matter. Homes were built, poor landscape planning ensued which was followed by improper installation of poor nursery stock. Soon after, chemical fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, miticides and fungicides were applied and continue to further worsen the soil's biological functions. Plants growing in soil with high biological activity are healthier requiring fewer, if any chemicals once established and are much more sustainable.

Soil is alive and it is the balance and health of the mini-ecosystem within our soil that feeds and maintains the health of all plants. It is this balance within our soil that helps sustain our estuaries and surrounding waters. In turn, the health of our plant life, our water and our air may determine our own health. We are quickly moving toward a future where the use of fertilizers, water, chemicals and certain plant material will be limited. The positive alternative is maintaining healthy soil biology.

To obtain more detailed information regarding these services please visit our sustainable landscaping division at Eco Logic Land Care.

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