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Tree Planting & Transplanting

Whether it is hundreds of trees or that one special memorial tree, no matter how large or small, Signature Tree Care can provide the proper planting or transplanting solutions. Methods of implementation include arborist consulting, planning, pre-transplant services, proper installation techniques, follow up care and scheduled maintenance / monitoring. All of these services are essential aspects to ensure a healthy and successful tree planting or transplanting.

  • "Right Tree, Right Place" principle is followed to ensure longevity and vigor.
  • Specimen trees and palms can be located for you.
  • We have the capability to move any existing tree in your landscape.
  • Pre transplant care includes services such as proper root pruning, hydration, crown reduction pruning and spider tying the canopy to retain as much of the canopy as possible during transport.
  • Regularly scheduled monitoring programs are implemented to protect the tree from its initial root pruning through establishment in the following years.

Transplanting can place a relatively high amount of stress on trees, especially the more mature their age. It is important to begin the pre-transplant process early to allow ample time for adjustment to the root pruning and additional hydration that is required. The pre transplant process is based on the species, size, age, health and vigor.

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