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Tree Removal & Palm Removal

Tree removal services in Naples (Southwest Florida) are accomplished for residential & commercial clientele. Tree services are delivered by qualified ISA Certified Arborists & tree service professionals offering 20+ years’ experience. Stump removal and stump grinding are offered. We carry the proper insurance for tree services above 12 feet on all employees for your protection (see below).

Signature Tree Care is a locally owned Naples tree service. Residential & commercial tree removal is offered with a specialization in large trees & palms and hazard tree removal. Stumps are removed and debris removal is customary.

Tree removal may be needed when:

  • Tree / palm creates a hazard
  • Tree planted in the wrong place or planted too close to utilities or structures• Tree’s future performance is limited due to structural defects or poor root system health
  • Tree’s future performance is limited due to structural defects or poor root system health
  • Tree replacement with a more appropriate tree for the site is the best option

There are many advanced procedures that may be offered during an arborist consultation to achieve goals and alleviate tree problems unless removing a tree is the best or only alternative. At times, the expense of tree maintenance cures may be more costly than tree replacement and follow up tree monitoring by our qualified arborists. Removing a tree is the last option and we endorse consulting with one of our skilled ISA certified arborists to make your decision.

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Tree removals may require advanced rigging techniques via applicable tools, equipment or cranes to safely remove a tree with no impact to your surrounding landscape & structures. At Signature Tree Care we are skilled in several disciplines of professional rigging and have 20+ years’ proper tree care experience and education to complete the most challenging of tree removals in Southwest Florida.

Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP):

Our owner and lead arborist, Ian Orlikoff, has a TCIA accreditation: CTSP, Certified Treecare Safety Professional. A CTSP acts as a safety “coach,” working to develop and nurture a culture of safety. By our lead arborist becoming a certified tree care safety expert thereby encourages a culture of safety within our organization. All our trucks are equipped with safety & medical equipment that exceed OSHA requirements. Safety is always our first priority as tree care operations are dangerous.

Tree Removal: Tree Service Insurance Requirements

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance: A policy that is up to date and specifically covers tree care and removal operations is a requirement to cover any property damage.
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance: Code 0106 is carried on all of our employees for tree care operations exceeding 12 feet above the ground. Please note that workers' compensation code 0122 for lawn or landscape care does not cover tree care operations above 12 feet. Any company performing tree work over 12 feet high is required by the state to carry workers' compensation insurance code 0106 and must cover any and all personnel on the property during tree care & removal operations. The correct workers’ compensation insurance for tree services protects the homeowner/ client from assuming liability in the event of an injury or death while on the job site.
  • Signature Tree Care’s general liability insurance & workers' compensation insurance is specific for tree service operations and covers all arboriculture and landscaping services.
  • Tree service insurance requirements are necessary to protect you, the homeowner/ client and employees of the tree company performing this dangerous and specialized work.

We are pleased to provide you with an insurance certificate upon request.

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