Working smarter & not harder using appropriate arboriculture industry rigging techniques to prune palms & protect under-story landscaping in downtown Naples Florida July 2020.

It is preferable to prune only the dead palm fronds, leaving the green ones to carry on photosynthesis. Over pruning reduces the vigor of palms as well as increasing the risk for diseases and pests. Over pruned palms have a lower survival rate after a high wind event as the bud has less protection from the wind due to the decreased amount of fronds. The natural wind throw effect is challenged as well causing a wind sail effect.

For your protection as a homeowner, remember that pruning any tree over 12 feet tall requires a company to have tree workers’ compensation code 0106 carried on all workers and have a commercial liability insurance policy specifically for tree work. These insurance policies guard the homeowner from any liability issues regarding injuries/deaths or property damages on site.